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    June 17, 2017








    June 17, 2017



    SCH Original BuildingThe original Saskatoon Convalescent Home was situated on the corner of 31st Street and Idylwyld Drive. It was owned by the Commonwealth and Continental Church Society, and was used for a residence for single women attending normal school. In 1942, this building was rented for the purpose of establishing a Nursing Care Program. In May 1959, the Saskatoon Convalescent Home Society was formed as a charitable non-profit organization and entitled to Government grants and charitable donations.

    The Society purchased the Home in 1963 and encouraged interested persons to purchase a membership. Each year, these members have the responsibility to elect a Board of Directors to oversee the operations of the Home. After years of planning, a new Saskatoon Convalescent Home was constructed on lots adjacent to the original building and fifty residents moved to the new building in the fall of 1983.

    Saskatoon Convalescent Home is an affiliate organization of the Saskatoon Health Region. There are sixty permanent residents who reside in the Home.

    June 17, 2017

    Board of Directors


    Sheri.jpgSheri Hillestad Smith, Chairperson


    Rob WebsiteRob Christensen



    Katherine.jpegKatherine Soule Blaser

    Ev Devlin 

    Sean2.jpgSean Meshke 

    Ian.jpegIan Roach

    Jennifer Hackett 

    Al.jpgAl Ross








    Nursing Care
    Twenty four hour nursing care is provided by Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Continuing Care Aides. 

    Recreation Programs
    The Recreation/Community Day Program Department organizes the recreational programs for the facility.  Programs include such things as outings, musical entertainment, visitations, art classes, special occasion activities and crafting.  New ideas and suggestions for activities are welcomed and appreciated. Families are encouraged to join in the activities. 

    Religious Services
    Interdenominational services are conducted in the Chapel on main floor.  Ministers of various faiths take services on a rotational basis, as arranged through the spiritual care committee.

    Physician Services
    Residents are able to retain their family physician providing that physician is willing to follow the Saskatoon Convalescent Home’s medical staff regulations.  Eye, dental and hearing appointments are the responsibility of family to make.

    Pharmacy Services
    Earls Pharmacy provides the pharmacy services.  Itemized statements are issued to the resident monthly by Earls.  

    Therapy Services
    Residents are initially assessed for appropriate mobility aides, wheelchair seating, bed positioning and comfort.  If required, occupational therapy and speech language pathology referrals are available.  

    Community Day Program
    Monday through Friday a Community Day Program is available for individuals who reside in the community.  Meals, socialization and bathing services are available.

    Oxygen Services
    Residents requiring oxygen choose the oxygen company they wish to receive supplies from.  They are responsible for all oxygen and related equipment costs. 

    Food Services
    Breakfast is available from 07:45 until 10:00 a.m. on both floors.  Lunch is served at 12:00 and supper is served starting at 5:00 p.m. Visitors are welcome to dine with residents.  Arrangements are made with the dietary department. There is a charge for the meal and payment can be made at the Business Office or charged to the resident’s account.

    Residents receive immunization for Influenza each fall and Pneumovax if they have not had it previously.  

    Booking Rooms
    Residents and families may book rooms for private functions through the Recreation/CDP department at (306) 244-7155 Ext 128.  There is no cost to use the room, although there are costs for refreshments, meals or dainties if provided.    

    Beauty Salon
    Hairdressing services are contracted and available for residents, usually two days/week.

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